At the Berlinale 2015 Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communications at AUDI AG, spoke at Berlinale Open House about product placement of Audi. Reason for this was the world première of latest movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” in which Audi as a brand is already part of the story in the book on which the screenplay is based. We had some questions to Mr Perosino (far right) about product placement.

Mr. Perosino, how get cars form Ingolstadt into movies from Hollywood? Do you approach studios or do inquiries come to you?


Either way. We actively look for new movies with suitable car scenes, but thanks to good and long lasting contacts with Hollywood there are also studios, directors, producers, actors and production companies who come towards us with new projects. There is a constant exchange.

Of course it´s good for you as producer when Audi models as the R8 Spyder in “Fifty Shades of Grey” give a good picture on the screen. But what happens if the car is not well positioned, is driven by the bad guys or is destroyed spectacularly – is the studio nevertheless allowed to hope for your goodwill?

The car should never look small or displaced. But there are definitely interesting “bad guys” or spectacular accidents, that put the brand Audi into a good perspective. For instance “Hitman: Agent 47” is an action movie that will be released this summer. It is a perfect example where the sportiness of our brand in a turbulent chase will be shown. 


Who has the last word in case of doubt – CEOProf.  Rupert Stadler? Does he – or the relevant last authority – has ever had to decide whether Audi supports a production with vehicles or not?

The decision for or against a product placement is normally made within Audi Marketing Communication.But we do involve the board of management when we have to decide about extensive projects that are for example related to big advertising campaigns.

Are there any factors to measure the success of a product placement? Or is it like in the words of Henry Ford: “The half of the money spent for advertisement is wasted money. You just do not know which one.”?

We have different factors to assess the success of product placement. It starts with a detailed analysis of the movie genre and ends with the observation of the after-marketing of the movie via Home Entertainment and TV. From that you can already read how the prominence or the image of the brand are changing positively. 

In conclusion: What´s your favorite movie in which an Audi plays the lead?

As somebody said: The best is yet to come. But I am sure it will be related to the future, the place where Audi naturally lives!

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